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NY Fashion Week - Day 2

NY Fashion Week - Day 2











7:30 am

I cannot help but groan as I awaken to the sound of my iPhone alarm blaring its way into my peaceful dream. I stretch, and I as I do, my brain catches up the stiff, sore muscles of my body that are registering the amount of walking that I did yesterday. Oh boy. I jump out of bed quickly after checking my e-mails. I have a nine o’clock show and a last minute scheduled interview that I must be on time for! And my travel time is at least a good 32 minutes. I rush through my routine, pull on tights, green denim shorts, a sheer black sleeveless blouse with trendy gold spikes on the collar, a gold collar necklace, throw my hair up, and run out the door sporting black oxfords (yes, I learned from yesterday).
9:50 am
I have just finished interviewing gemologist and fine jewelry designer Kara Ross, whose accessories trunk show was a gorgeous display of some of most unique bags and jewelry that I’ve ever seen! Kara was there to show me around her collections personally, and spoke of her profession with such passion and enthusiasm that I couldn’t help but be excited too!
11:27 am
The Concept Korea show was amazing! The result of the collaboration between 5 different Korean designers whose goal is to bring Korean style and culture to the United States, the designs are all so unique and exciting.  From the structured apparel of Cres. E Dim to the romantic looks of Son Jung Wang to the modern, hip hop inspired styles of Kye, all of the designers have something unique to bring to the table. Plus,  Fern Mallis, the original creator of New York Fashion Week, was there! I had a press pass to interview her but sadly could not get to her quickly enough as she was surrounded by the press and I needed to get to the Lower West Side for the Sally LaPointe show. Oh well, next time I suppose! Now to figure out where I’m going…


12:45 pm
Wow. Sally LaPointe’s minimalistic glamour was awe inspiring. The looks were clean and chic and just so beautiful. Her billowy peplum tops with cut out backs had me singing Hallelujah with a tear in my eye. Simply breathtaking. In the seat in front of me is celebrity fashion blogger Joy Adaeze, who I take the opportunity to schmooze with. What an amazing fashion icon she is!
5:00 pm
Now that I have schlepped myself back to the apartment, written my reviews, and tweeted and instagrammed accordingly, one would think I could relax for the night. Nope! Not me. I have another show,  Korto Momolu,  1st runner up on the 5th season of Project Runway. I think this might be a good time to try out the bus system since Hop Stop is telling me that there is no train that will take me to the right place, and since my feet feel like they might fall off, I don’t think walking the whole way is going to happen.
7:10 pm
As I glance around the crowd gathered around the open bar inside the show, I think to myself, gosh, why am I not dressed like that? I am in a sea of sky high Louboutins, boxy Celine handbags, giant Pamela Love Cuffs, and of course Korto Momolu apparel. I look down disparagingly at my own ensemble, which I initially thought to be cute and funky, and realize that what I am wearing is nowhere near glamorous enough to hold a candle to any of the glamazon goddesses that flank me. And this is the moment when I realize that I am here to see, not to be seen, and that for the first time in my life I am going to have to be okay with not being the center of attention, because as long as I try and keep up with such an unattainable level of “having”, I will never be happy. So I’m just going to have to be okay with being who I am and owning what I’ve got. For now.


 7:59 pm
The Korto Momolu show was just what I wanted to see! A vast collection of quite wearable apparel, influenced by the silhouettes of the 1950’s, the clothing was girly and spunky with it’s feminine shapes and bold color combinations. I could truly see myself wearing most of what walked down the runway, and enjoyed the heavy beat of the music. Korto Momolu really did a great job for this coming season,  and I am so looking forward to seeing her designs out and about!
10:45 pm
It is the end of another day, and I cannot help but sit back in awe of everything I’ve done in the past 24 hours. It’s been hardly any time at all, and yet I feel as though I have been here for weeks! I have to pat myself on the back for making my way through New York City. I am having a blast, and I hope you are too!
Until next time!


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