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Imagery is Important to Social Media and here's why

Imagery is Important to Social Media and here's why



•             We live in a visual culture. People look at the image first then read the words.

•             The image makes the first impression. Good or bad, the impression is made in the first 7 seconds of viewing. So you must put your best foot forward.

•             An image generates a feeling, creates conversation and is more likely to be shared with others.               

•             People remember an image long after the words are forgotten.

•             The professional business portrait exudes confidence, competency, knowledge and personality.

•             Remove from social media any unbecoming images of you or your business immediately. As a business professional, you are always being evaluated even in your sociable moments.

•             Images are essential in promoting your products and services.  The better you plan and execute the placement, lighting, and presentation of your product and business service the more you will engage an interested buyer.

•             Stock photos that are downloaded from the web (free or purchased) makes your marketing materials look generic. It lacks a call to do business with you. You look like any other business in your field. A reason does not stand out to do business with you.

•             Creating a stock library of images of your business, your people, your location and your service will elicit a more personable invitation to do business with you.

•             Professional and appropriate imagery will not only uplift your message but in the end increase your bottom line.

In marketing yourself and your business, high quality copy and imagery are paramount. 

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ShelleeFisher is a full service photography firm specializing in executive portraiture, documentary event coverage and business imagery.  She helps savvy professionals create the perfect headshot for publicity and promotional purposes, as well as, business imagery for marketing materials.  She helps you create a marketing portfolio of images that depict one's personal style and professional brand.  Skill, creativity and attention to detail are her strengths. She believes that image is everything and imagery sells.






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