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Caroline Worley on Managing Growth

Caroline Worley on Managing Growth

Caroline Z. Worley is a small business attorney and owner of Worley Law, LLC. Worley Law, LLC that is dedicated to assisting owners of small and medium-sized businesses in navigating the legal challenges they face. Caroline has trippled the revenue for her business over the past few years and while this is an amazing feat, it has presented a few challenges that she has learned to deal with effectively.  

Q. What drives your passion for your business?

Since Worley Law is a small business itself, I can truly identify with the unique challenges facing entrepreneurs and business owners. I have a passion for small business, and I enjoy providing our clients with the necessary resources and strategic connections that help make their companies grow successfully.

My passion for small business started when I was a young teenager working in the backroom of my family’s hardware store. In 2009, I realized my dream of owning a small business when I started Worley Law. I am now committed to helping entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of business ownership

Q. What is one significant challenge that you have faced in growing your business?

Over the past few years, my firm has experienced substantial growth. In 2009, I started out on my own with approximately 50 clients. Almost three years later, we have three full-time employees and about 400 clients.  The most significant challenges that I faced were finding time to “get it all done” and hiring the right team to assist with our growth.   These are still the same challenges that we face today as we continue to grow, almost tripling our revenue over the past few years.

Q. What are some ways that you have done to effectively address this challenge:

1.     Hired the right people to make up the “Team.”

2.     Created processes to assist with growth. These initially take a lot of time to set up, but reduce time once they are completed.

3.     Set goals and made a strategic plan covering where we wanted to go and how we would get there.

4.     Hired an outside Advisory Board consisting of other business owners that give advice from an outsider’s point of view.

Q. What advice do you have for other women businesses?

Get all the information you can about business. There are many women out there who are willing to assist other business owners in getting their businesses started or to give advice on how to maintain or grow a business. Find out everything you can from other experts who are willing to talk to you. Learn what mistakes they made so that you can avoid those mistakes.  Take time to set up your business properly. Help and connect with others in business and in life. Volunteer your time to causes about which you are passionate. 

To learn more about Caroline Worley and Worley Law, LLC, please visit their site.

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