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Hannah Brencher and the Art of Love Letters

Hannah Brencher and the Art of Love Letters

Hannah Brencher, Founder and Creator of The World Needs More Love Letters, utilizes social media to write and mail love letters to individuals in need around the world.


Q. What drives your passion for your business?

My business was born out of a passion without any intention of it ever being a business. I had a passion for people, for showing others their worth in this world and for providing some sort of tangible memory/keepsake within such a digital age. Those passions first emerged in my own life and they trickled outward into a project that people have been very enthusiastic about since day one and now they also be harnessed for the business at hand.


Q. What is one significant challenge that you have faced in growing your business?

I think the challenge is not ever wanting to take away from the value and mission and purpose of More Love Letters. More Love Letters is and always will be, first, a resource to people; a chance for someone to make a significant difference in the life of someone else. Naturally, it is really hard to build up a business when the mission is so deeply rooted in something you cannot price out or monetize.


Q. What are some ways you address this challenge:

We’ve gotten creative with every ounce of it. We’ve developed ways to be out the box and draw in attention without sacrificing what More Love Letters is at the core. This has generated more press for us and has grown our name.

We’ve kept the WHY at the forefront of everything. I think when the “why” behind your business model is intact then the rest just seems to follow. People respect the “why” and they can get behind the “why.” Ours never changes. We will never sacrifice that.

Honestly, we haven’t made money the end product. I set out to show and prove that a business can be smart and innovative and true to its mission while also being run with heart on sleeve, transparent motives. I think at first glance people want to say that cannot happen and we certainly don’t have everything figured out but I am seeing that people naturally fall into wanting to do business with a company when the company’s goal isn’t lucrative or greedy, it’s exactly rooted in why it exists: to help others. Always. Beyond anything else.


Q. What advice do you have for other women business?

Get behind what you love. Don’t waste your time building something up that your heart isn’t sewn into. More Love Letters has been my labor of love for the last year and it has sucked a lot of hours, a lot of sleep, a lot of social outings and a lot of tears out of me. But I am passionate about it. I love it more than anything. I grow as it grows. And that makes it worth it. At the end of the day, I think your heart needs to be in your business plan… It doesn’t work that way for everyone but I think that people who set out and find themselves loving what they do are the ones who don’t sacrifice what makes them lose their breath and captures all their senses for something that can just rake in a lot of cash.

Also, before you get too deep into the business world, know what you stand for. Know what your values are. Separate yourself enough from the business that you can make sacrifices for it but never sacrifice what you believe in and how you want the culture of your business to function. Those are the kinds of things you cannot get back once you lose them. Above all, just know what you stand for and don’t back down for anything. 


To learn more about More Love Letters, visit their site: Moreloveletters.com

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