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In Her Business: Replenish, the Spa Co-op on Navigating a Family-Run Business

In Her Business: Replenish, the Spa Co-op on Navigating a Family-Run Business


Deja Redman, Chanelle Redman and Wauvette Duncan are co-owners of the Columbus based business replenish: the spa co-op, where "We inspire inner beauty, self-awareness, and healthy living by offering transformational programs, yoga, products and spa services, integrating the busy world with the balance of conscious living."

What drives your passion for your business?

Beauty lies in our differences. We have the power to define beauty for ourselves. We each have struggled with confidence, body image and self -awareness. Now that we are more aware we realize that our individuality is really the beauty of this life. To replenish is our mission in motion. We want to empower girls and women to redefine beauty for themselves; to teach them self-awareness by looking inward for the answers; and to create whatever they wish on the outside and have fun with it. What drives our passion is knowing that we have the power to live an abundantly beautiful life.

What is one significant challenge you have faced in growing your business?

We are family first. Some days our biggest challenge is healing wounds from the past and developing our professional roles aside from our familial ones.

What are some ways you address this challenge?

We decided to honor each person's strongest qualities and create leadership within our business to nurture that.

We decided to focus attention on the bigger mission which is to heal our community which makes our challenges not so big anymore.

We respect each other and learn to take constructive criticism to aid in our professional development.

We practice having integrity, which for us means being complete and whole with honoring the words we speak.

What advice do you have for other women business owners?

Find a way to integrate who you are at work with who you are at home -  it’s possible! Learning to live what you teach and have fun in the process is a path toward a more balanced life. Schedule time to replenish YOU. Be OK with hearing the word NO because you just haven’t found your yes person yet. Always take action, procrastination doesn’t serve you and surround yourself with people who speak to your greatness…people who tell you the truth.  It is what it is, it isn’t what it isn’t, and it’s not completely perfect…get the lesson and move on!


To learn more about replenish: the spa co-op, please visit their website.


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