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(Forbes) One Man's Confession: My Salary Is Higher Than My Female Co-Worker's


Within eight months of each other, two young college grads start work as paralegals in a small, New York City law firm. Both are graduates of top-20 colleges in the Northeast. Neither has any relevant paralegal experience.

One gets an office; the other gets a cubicle. The one with the office earns a significant amount more.

Now, for the riddle: Which paralegal is female?

 If you guessed the lower-paid cubicle dweller … you’re right. The age-old pay gap between men and women is, depressingly, as strong an institution as ever. In fact, The Washington Post recently called the pay gap “entrenched,” noting that white men currently make $2.09 more per hour than white women. And in 600 occupations surveyed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, men earn more than women in all but seven.


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