(Nola.com) Gloria Steinem and other women who've changed America: Kathleen Parker, The Washington Post


WASHINGTON -- Gloria Steinem is unmistakable. Across the room surrounded by a clutch of admirers, she is utterly ageless -- sleek and svelte in black form-fitting pants and top, a gold braided belt with sparkly fleurettes draped along her slender hips. At 78, she looks, well, fabulous.

"I suppose it's not very feminist of us to comment on how great she looks," says the woman next to me, apparently feeling compelled to inject the appropriate corrective. But at a certain age, isn't a woman happy to accept a compliment? And haven't we come a long way, baby?

Judging by the current debate in some Republican circles, one has occasion to pause and wonder. The purpose of the gathering in a private home was to celebrate "Makers: The Women Who Make America," a multiplatform video production from PBS, AOL and Makers.com, which launched in February 2012.

The documentary chronicles the history of the women's movement and features women who have, indeed, made things happen so that subsequent generations could do what women were not allowed to do not so long ago -- to become doctors, lawyers, legislators, secretaries of state and, perhaps, even president.


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