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Keys to Staying Motivated When Your Journey Seems Prolonged


Keys to Staying Motivated When Your Journey Seems Prolonged

  Our society has become enamored with instant results.  Many of us would love to be able to lose 10 pounds in 10 days while eating what you normally eat and adding only minimal exercise but we know that’s not likely. We know that sustainable weight loss requires a change in habits over a period of time. Even if you take the wildly successful Visalus Challenge, they ask you to make a 90-day commitment.   Depending on your fitness goals, you may have to renew that challenge a few times so that, in the end, you’ve really made a one-year commitment, 90 days at a time.  The reality is that most goals worth accomplishing in life will take time. They will likely take more than 1 year or even 2 years; they may even take 5 or 10 years or an entire...

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Pushing Through When Your World's Turned Upside Down


Pushing Through When Your World's Turned Upside Down

  On Saturday, September 15, 2012 at around 2PM, my world turned upside down, literally. I received a call that no parent ever wants to receive. My oldest son had been shot 3 times in a home invasion. He was being life-flighted to a Level 1 trauma hospital in Pittsburgh. Saturday, afternoon came and went; no word from the surgeons. Saturday evening came and went, still in surgery, still no prognosis. What a long night that was. People would think I was crazy, but I spent most of the night reading, writing, and praying. I read my Bible for a while, then I issued a blog, and I worked on my eBook. I prayed, and then I wrote a script for my September podcast. I believe I even recorded it that night – don’t ask me what time. I didn’t write or record because...

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Are You Fightng to "Win," or "Not Lose?"


Are You Fightng to "Win," or "Not Lose?"

Are you ready for some football? You may have heard me say that a few times over the past couple of weeks because I am ready. I love football.  I’m more avid about the NFL than College Football, but I eagerly partake in both. There are a lot of things that I like about the game, but I also have my pet peeves. No pet peeve is bigger than the team that switches into “prevent defense” because they have the lead and they don’t want to lose. They go from fighting to win to fighting not to lose. And you know what, many times they lose. They lose because they’ve lot go of that hunger when the other time hasn’t. Sometimes, I think we’re guilty of the same in Corporate America. Our companies have been on the top for so long that instead of...

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Take the Bull By the Horns and Drive Change


Take the Bull By the Horns and Drive Change

Stop begging and start claiming your inheritance. I’ve witnessed so many firsts in just the past five years that I wouldn’t be able to list them all, so why am I so intent on upsetting the status quo? I suppose it’s because I don’t believe that women have yet reached their full potential and I desperately long for that to occur. Plus, I’ve never been one to back away from the uncomfortable and the controversial if it’s necessary for growth. So here we go. I want to pose two questions to you today that could irk you a bit, but stay with me please. If we are to achieve the results that we so desire with women in the workplace, is it time for us to have: Women leaders designated as mentors for high-performing women and men? Women...

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Want to Get Ahead? Stop Sabotaging Yourself


Want to Get Ahead? Stop Sabotaging Yourself

  We’ve spotted the enemy and it is us. Busy and chaotic doesn’t begin to describe the lifestyle that most professionals lead these days.  Attention spans are at an all-time low. Headlines rule the day. We want our status updates short and sweet, 140 characters or less. If we want more, we’ll click on it, maybe. But then again, we get distracted by the phone or an urgent text or email or the next attention grabbing headline and off we go. So it doesn’t surprise me when people lament about the books that haven’t had a chance to read or the class they haven’t been able to enroll in or the personal development plan that they haven’t had a chance to write. Right now, I have 4 business books in my library waiting for me to read, and...

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