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October 2012

Pushing Through When Your World's Turned Upside Down


Pushing Through When Your World's Turned Upside Down

  On Saturday, September 15, 2012 at around 2PM, my world turned upside down, literally. I received a call that no parent ever wants to receive. My oldest son had been shot 3 times in a home invasion. He was being life-flighted to a Level 1 trauma hospital in Pittsburgh. Saturday, afternoon came and went; no word from the surgeons. Saturday evening came and went, still in surgery, still no prognosis. What a long night that was. People would think I was crazy, but I spent most of the night reading, writing, and praying. I read my Bible for a while, then I issued a blog, and I worked on my eBook. I prayed, and then I wrote a script for my September podcast. I believe I even recorded it that night – don’t ask me what time. I didn’t write or record because...

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