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(Canton Reporter) Are men losing the war with women?


A lot of men harbor the notion that perhaps we’re in a blood fight with women over superiority. A lot of women figure, hey guys, you’ve already lost the war.

The whole thing is about how brains work. If we may stereotype, men are aggressive and compulsive. We see the same in the animal world.

Women have a tendency to think things out before they step on the gas. When women drive, they allow a car a half block away to pass before they turn. Men, of course, floor it.

All this is conjecture based on personal experience. Still, there’s a growing body of data suggesting women may hold the upper hand. We took a peek at dozens of sources online. Buck up your ego, boys, and check this out:


27 percent of men think they are smarter than women, 8 percent of women agree with them.

3.8 million men purchase Playboy or Penthouse magazines, 47 million women purchase romance novels.

44 percent of women cheat on their spouses, 60 percent of men.


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