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Opinion We Love (Forbes) How Young Women In Charge Can Prevent Age-Related Work Drama



I’ve always considered the idea of generational workplace tension to be mostly myth. As both a young retail manager and the CEO of a company I founded, I rarely encountered age-related tension. Sure, I’ve dealt with the awkwardness of being the youngest person in the room at a networking event, or the complex interactions that come with being a young woman who has the audacity to go after her goals, but I always saw the generational gap as something that existed only in the minds of people paranoid about not being respected as equals.
That is, until a 60-year-old actress proved me wrong.
During production for a recent film, I found myself working with actresses who were two and three times my age. I had no issue with it, since I’ve always had a results-oriented attitude toward work and don’t place much weight on age. But some people don’t see it that way, and will go to great pains to make their position known.
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