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(Washington Post) Hooters gets a face-lift to woo women, but needs a personality transplant


Great news, ladies!  There's a new place (well, an old place getting a new look) that wants your business and is going to do almost whatever it takes to get you through the doors.  The newish kid on the block?  Hooters.

Yes, like a lot of restaurants, the Great Recession has been unkind to the ta-ta-themed sports bar, where sales started to sag in 2008 and have dropped every year since. So Hooters execs have decided that the fastest way to lift business beyond its mostly male clientele is to reach out to the other half of the population, namely women, and get more customers in the seats.  

The revamped restaurants will have fresher, lighter fare, like mixed greens and never-frozen chicken wings, and a brighter look, too. Instead of dark wood panelling and basement-like lighting, restaurants will be renovated with big windows to let a little light into the joints and to send the message that there's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of if you're a nice girl looking for a grilled shrimp salad on your lunch hour.


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