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I Think I Know Why They Aren't Returning Your Phone Calls


I Think I Know Why They Aren't Returning Your Phone Calls

Many times I have not just clients but also colleagues share with me how frustrated they are when the people that they are trying to earn business from, don’t return their phone calls.  I often find myself always in a coaching mode because I truly care about helping people overcome some common barriers to building a relationship.  I will then ask the question, “what did you say on the voicemail?”  They then, go into great detail as to why this person should call them back and I just sit and listen.  My first form of feedback is to let the client or friend know that if I received that message, I wouldn’t call back either.  After the initial the shock and when the eyebrows come down, they are open to hearing what I have to say. 1. I...

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Starting My Day With Gratitude


Starting My Day With Gratitude

  I’ve come to the realization that it doesn’t matter how hurriedly you start the day, that you are never going to get everything done that you would’ve liked.  So that is why I’m going to begin my day in gratitude.  When we come to the office and try to catch up from what we didn’t finish the previous day, it seems like the initial sign of stress begins.  I don’t believe in new year resolutions.  I do believe that every year we should grow personally, emotionally, spiritually and professionally.  I want to feel like my life has meaning and is making an impact on others. So this year, I decided that I wasn’t going to come to my office and open up emails in order to get my day started.  I am making a...

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There Is Power In Presenting Your Pricing In Person


There Is Power In Presenting Your Pricing In Person

"Can you email me your pricing?" "Don't worry I'll just email you my pricing and get back to you." Does this sound familiar? You are either being asked for pricing or you are doing the asking. I'd like to share with you why you should not send, email or fax your proposals to your prospects without reviewing it with them first. Notice that I said "prospects." When you are trying to earn someone's business, it is mission critical that you make every attempt to "earn" their business.

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