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Carried The Bag, LLC

Yvette Alexander- Slate

  • Coaching/Consulting

Essential Information

4449 Easton Way
Second Floor
Columbus, OH 43219


Carried The Bag, LLC a company specializing in professional development, business sales coaching and sales effectiveness strategies. The company takes pride in exercising their passion for personal and professional development by helping others sharpen their sales efforts with creative and business-focused solutions. Carried The Bag combines optimized sales efforts and innovative techniques in a flexible approach that can be adapted to fit businesses of any size. By converting more leads into sales — and building those sales into relationships — the organization helps companies generate increased revenue.

Carried The Bag is a woman-owned certified business (WBE) and MBE. The organization supports and serves on the College of Business and The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre at Ohio University as executive board members of both.

Additional Information

Owner: Yvette Alexander-Slate

Website: http://www.carriedthebag.com

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